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Beverage Filling Machine Price Fully Automatic China Manufacture For bottle water line For Sale
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Beverage Filling Machine Price Fully Automatic China Manufacture For bottle water line For Sale


Model specifications


Number of nozzles 10 cleaning heads, 8 filling heads and 3 gland heads
Capacity 2000-30000B / H (500ml PET standard bottles)
Materials: SUS304 (food grade
function transmission mechanism and gear are equipped with A4 carbon burning steel
function three in one for water filling
core original: 1. PLC: SIEMENS
Touch screen: Siemens PET Bottle capacity:
0.25L-2L cap diameter
plastic screw cap filling temperature
normal filling pressure

Filling accuracy 

Working principle:

filling one-piece as follows:

The bottle is injected into the filling machine from the conveyor chain through the star wheel.

The bottle clamp mounted on the rotating wheel of the washer will grab the mouth of the bottle and rotate it 180° along the guide rail so that it faces the mouth of the bottle.In the designated area of ​​the rinse, the rinse water will be sprayed from the special nozzle to flush the bottle on the inner wall.

After rinsing and dripping, the bottle clamped by the bottle holder will be rotated 180° along the guide rail so that the mouth of the bottle is facingOn the star wheel, the clean bottle is drained from the rinse to fill the filler.

After entering the filling machine, the bottle isThe support plate is held by the support mechanism of the bottle to be raised to engage with the filling valve. The filling valve is opened by the bottle presence signal.

After the filling is completed, the valve is closed by the valve closing mechanism toThe venting is further stopped to complete the filling process. The bottle holder mechanism is lowered by the cam to disengage the filling bottle containing the filling valve.

Then, the bottle is transferred to the capping machine through the neck operating star wheel.The anti-rotation blade will grab the bottleneck to prevent it from rotating and hold it in an upright position.

The screw cap will rotate and rotate with the machine to complete the capping, placement, twisting and disengaging under the control of the cam.The entire capping process.

The unloading star wheel unloads the finished bottle onto the unloading conveyor and then transports it out of the filling block.

Main features:

I. Feed bottle

1) Feed screw and feedThe combination feed bottle of the star wheel

2) is equipped with a stopper protection device.Washer

1) The rotating wheel is a full SS304 stainless steel welded structure.

2) The machine uses a unique flip bottle holder, which is an innovation of our company.The bottle holder can grasp the neck position of the bottle, avoiding the thread of the bottle mouth caused by the rubber clip of the traditional bottle holder.

3) Efficient atomizing nozzles are mounted on bottle clamps using Spaying Systems Co. Ltd. technology to clean any part of the inner wall of the bottle and also clean any part of the inner wall of the bottle, and are hygienic and durable.Save flush water.

4) Flushing is driven by a geared drive from a drive system located inside the gearbox.

(The actual machine is 8 heads filled)
1) The filler is designed and manufactured using Italian technology to ensure product quality and reduce losses.

2) The rotating wheel is made entirely of stainless steel SS304.

3) The filling valve is designed and manufactured in German technology and is made of SS304 with high filling accuracy and high filling speed.

4) The bottle is lifted by a cam controlled lift cylinder.

5) The hydraulic pump is controlled by a float.

6) The filler is driven by a geared drive from a drive system located inside the frame.Capper

1) The capper is the most accurate part of the three-in-one filling machine, because the quality of the sealing machine is critical to the operational reputation and product quality.Our company’s sealing machine has the following advantages:

2) The cover rail has means for preventing the reverse cover from passing through and taking out the reverse cover.At the same time, the photoelectric switch can automatically stop the machine when there is no cover on the track, so that the bottle without the cover can be effectively avoided.

3) Also has a bottle check switch.

4) Efficient eccentricity for cap sorting to reduce wear.

5) An inspection device with an inspection cover lift.



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