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3 in 1 water filling machine Factory Price quality assurance
3 in 1 water filling machine Factory Price quality assurance
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3 in 1 water filling machine Factory Price quality assurance

1. CGF24-24-8 can fill 15,000 bottles per hour
2. Automatic washing, filling, and capping machine (three-in-one)
3. Made of Food-Grade stainless steel 304,
4. SIEMENS PLC Highly efficient controlling
5. CE& ISO9001
6.2 Years warranty

Product Description

3 in 1 water filling machine

3 in 1 water filling machine Suitable for producing non-gas beverages in PET bottles, such as mineral water, purified water, alcoholic beverages, etc. In general, it can complete all processing including washing bottle, filling and capping, as well as reduce the amount of time outsiders are exposed to water liquid and improve sanitary conditions as well as production efficiency and economic efficiency.
Since Meantech has specialized in water filling for years, it not only mastered key technology but also improved machine designs in order to meet specific product features.
Meantech offers water-filling solutions that are accurate, hygienic, and residue-free.

Filling heads

  • 1. Efficient with gravity filling technology
  • 2. Filling valve made of 304/316 stainless steel
  • 3. Precision, high-speed liquid filling
  • 4. Gear transmission drives the filling system through racks
  • 5. Liquid level is controlled by a hydrostatic cylinder
  • 5. Utilizing the latest double guide pillar type bottle of the lifting mechanism, preventing the old bottles of elevating products from leaking at the mesa edge, as well as facilitating easy installation and maintenance
3 in 1 water filling machine filling head
ModelCGF24-24-8 3 in 1 water filling machine
ApplicationSpring   water / mineral water / pure water / non-gas wine drink and so on
Number   of washing, filling and capping heads24-24-8
Production capacity(500ml)15000BPh
Filling precision≤±5mm(liquid level)
User Ambient ConditionsTemperature:10~40℃;

Humidity:   No dew

Suitable bottle specificationVolume=100-2500ml

Diameter   φ=50-110

Bottle   height H=150 ~350mm

Bottle typePlastic   bottle / PET Bottle
Bottle neck/Cap StylePlastic   Screw Cap


Machine materialFood   stage SS304 OR SS316
Air source pressure (Mpa)0.5-0.6
Filling way/principleGravity   filling
Motor power(kw)Main   motor 4.59kw
FeaturesNo   Bottle No Filling

No   Bottle No Capping

Power SupplyVoltage:220V~415V,3phase;

Frequency:50HZ/60HZ   or your requirement

Overall dimensions (mm)2650*1900*2400
Weight (kg)3500
CertificatesCE   / SGS / ISO 9001/CCC

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