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Automatic Water Filling Machine Capacity Production Line Water Filling Machine  Sale
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Automatic Water Filling Machine Capacity Production Line Water Filling Machine Sale

Product Description

Product Description
MT 24-24-8 PET bottle pure water washing, filling and capping machine has absorbed the advanced technology of the same type products from abroad, with stable performance, safety and reliability.
MT 24-24-8
Flush 24 fill 24 seal 8
12000BPH(base on 500ml ¢30 neck)
Suitable bottle
Φ50-Φ115 H=190-320
Air pressure
Air consumption
Water pressure
Water consumption
Main motor power
Machine power
High precision, high speed filling valve, accurate liquid level no liquid damage, to ensure good filling quality; When there is no bottle, do not open the valve, do not make liquid loss, to ensure good filling quality; The filling valve is made of high quality stainless steel and sealed with conical surface. It is easy to clean without scaling.Bottle contact after filling valve open to complete the filling process, filling valve with flow control mechanism, according to the actual need to set the flow in a certain
range, EDPN filling sealing gasket material, acid and alkali resistant, resistant to ozone, filling and capping systems between cohesion is stable and the bottle material no spill phenomenon, after capping operation, the material level in the bottle can remain within the filling level, filling move by through gear, rack drive system using large planar toothed bearings, can make the equipment run more smoothly, the bottle in filling, filling and capping connection thumbwheel, capping support bottle neck
transportation way.
The machine has compact structure, perfect control system, convenient operation and high degree of automation.Adopting the technology of direct connection between the air feed channel and the bottle feeding wheel, the screw and the conveying chain of the bottle are eliminated, and it is easy to change the bottle shape. After the bottle enters the machine through the air supply
channel, it is directly sent to the bottle flushing machine by the steel bottle feeding wheel (stuck bottleneck mode).Parts in contact with the material are made of imported high quality stainless steel, no dead Angle, easy to clean.
The capping head adopts constant torque device to ensure the capping quality.Adopt efficient cover management system, with perfect
cover feeding technology and protection device.There is no need to adjust the height of the equipment to change the bottle shape.
It can be achieved by changing the star wheel of the bottle, which is simple and convenient to operate.The operation of the whole machine adopts advanced touch screen control to realize man-machine dialogue.
Detailed Images
Size Information
Frequency converter


Touch screen
Thermal relay
Air switch
Proximity switch
Optoelectronic switch
Air circuit system
The company was established in October 1999.It is a professional manufacturer of packing equipment, labeling machine concern with R&D, production, and sale.
Company Introduction
Our company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of packing machinery and equipment in China.
We have a well-experienced team to manufacture packing machinery and equipment and a professional design institute.With rich experience in packing machinery and equipment field and numbers of professional engineers, we have designed and developed many types of packing machinery and equipment in many varieties. Our main products are bottle unscrambler, labeling machine, bottle blowing machine, filling machine, glass-lined reactors,ferment os,centrifuges,granulators,mixers, dryers, pulverizers, tablet presses, soft and hard blister packing machines, capsule filling machines, cartoners and rollers.
In the past years, we have made great achievements due to our good credit and service. We have established long-term business relations with many customers and some of our overseas customers have appointed us to be their purchase agency in China. Our products are exported to many countries & areas, such as Korea, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand,
Vietnam,Iran,Japan,Denmark,Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, South Africa, Nigeria, the USA, Australia, Canada, Argentina and Chile.Besides machinery and equipment, we also supply production lines, turn key projects and know-how.
In Meantech you can get your desired goods with the best prices and good quality. We welcome your enquiries from at home and abroad.
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The company has a professional after-sales service technical team,with high quality products,excellent service,dedication to all walks of life is our commitment to the user.In strict accordance with the relevant standards and standards of the state to make,test and accept,provide free installation quidance,assist debugging and responsible for training and operation.The staff of the company will fulfill the quality commitment to the customers with higher enthusiasm and better service.


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